Staying healthy involves much more than just being fit and eating certain supplements or foods. One area that is often ignored is your mouth. If you neglect good oral care it can ruin your health in many ways – and may actually shorten your life. 

1. Your Mouth Affects Your Overall Health 

Recently, researchers have discovered that the health of your mouth can affect the health of your entire body. This is especially true if you have the more serious form of gum disease – periodontitis. Most people have no idea that they have it or how serious it can become – and one reason is that it is nearly painless until it reaches the advanced stages. About half of the adults in America over 30 have the disease and it continues to be the major cause of tooth loss in adults. 

Periodontitis is caused by some of the natural bacteria in your mouth. It gets into your gums through poor care of your teeth and starts an immune reaction. Once it is in your gums, it also gets access to your bloodstream. Not only will it destroy your gums, ligaments that support your teeth, and your jawbone, but the reaction from your immune system will produce buildups in your bloodstream and organs. 

Those buildups can lead to many serious diseases and other health problems. They include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, several types of cancer, dementia, ED, Parkinson’s, and many more.  

2. Sugary Drinks Are Sure to Produce Cavities 

One of the worst things you can do for your teeth and oral health is to sip on sugary drinks for hours. Many people love to sip on specialty coffees, teas, energy drinks, or fruit juices, thinking it is healthy.  

Unfortunately, the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease feed on sugar. They also produce the acid that causes the cavities and gum disease for the next 20 minutes after each sip. It is better to drink sugary drinks only with a meal and rinse your mouth with water afterward.  

3. Acidic Drinks Can Damage Your Teeth 

While most people think fruit juice or flavored water is healthy, it can damage the enamel on your teeth. Fruit juice, especially citrus fruit juice, is highly acidic and it also has about as much sugar in it as soda. It will damage the enamel on your teeth, leading to sensitive teeth and cavities.  

4. Vitamin D Strengthens Your Teeth 

Besides the calcium that your teeth need for strength, your teeth also need a good dose of vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin enables your bones and teeth to absorb calcium for ongoing strength. Without it, the acid in your mouth and food will continue to leach the calcium out and make them brittle.  

5. Don’t Brush After Eating 

Researchers discovered that brushing after eating can reduce the enamel on your teeth. This is because acidic foods and drinks actually soften the enamel and a toothbrush can remove tiny bits of it. Brushing right away will also push the acid into the enamel, causing even more damage in the lower layers. You can rinse your mouth out with water and then brush about 30 minutes later.  

6. Stay Hydrated 

While most people who exercise regularly know the importance of staying hydrated, here is one more reason – and it affects your dental health. A dry mouth promotes cavities and gum disease. Normally, your saliva will help to wash away the harmful bacteria and acid off your teeth. A dry mouth lets it multiply more and produce more acid than normal. You can increase your saliva by chewing sugarless gum and drinking more water.  

You can keep your teeth and smile longer by eating healthy, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing, and making regular dentist appointments. 

This article was written in collaboration with Global Family Dental

Photography provided by John Davydov of Global Family Dental. 

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