One of the great thing things about taking a Group Fitness class at LA Fitness is that all of the equipment is provided for you. You don’t have to worry about bringing your own weights or exercise equipment – all you have to focus on is showing up and giving it your best for (approximately) 55 minutes. It’s all about focusing on your own body. Group Fitness is a great way to push yourself with the helpful instruction of our certified instructors. Plus, you’re surrounded by other motivated individuals who are just as excited to focus on their health and fitness.

If you’re new to Group Fitness, don’t be intimidated! Everyone was new at some point. Group Fitness instructors will help teach you proper form and technique. Group Fitness is a great way to get fit with friends and family members while in an instructed, regimented environment. For those new to the gym, as well as those looking to switch up their typical exercise routine, Group Fitness classes are a great place to start.

A popular LA Fitness class is Body Works Plus Abs – after all, who doesn’t want a more toned core? In this class, members can expect a lightweight dumbbell workout moving to the beat of the music. You’ll be burning calories as you flow through a variety of exercises to help sculpt and tone your body into shape! With continued attendance, members may notice improvements in muscle tone, posture, balance and strength. It’s a full-body workout that provides full-body results.

In order to get a deeper understanding of what to expect from a Body Works Plus Abs class, we interviewed LA Fitness Group Fitness instructor Kate N., who shared all you need to know before giving this class a go. Check out her interview below!

Q: Please give a brief description of your fitness background and what brought you to start teaching Body Works Plus Abs.

Kate N: I’m an AFAA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I teach various Group Fitness classes from Aqua to Yoga, and even step! I fell in love with teaching Group Fitness classes at LA Fitness. I was once a loyal participant of cycle classes at LA Fitness, and later, I found myself in the instructor seat.  It wasn’t long before I discovered Body Works Plus Abs and it quickly became my favorite Group Fitness class to teach.

Q: What is unique and special about Body Works Plus Abs over other Group Fitness classes?

KN: It’s a completely balanced workout that challenges you from head to toe! You target every muscle group while moving non-stop to the beat of the music. You learn technique while having a fun and energetic workout. Spectators of the class may not be able to see the challenge, but the participants can attest to its slow burn. It sneaks up on you throughout the class.

“…the participants can attest to its slow burn. It sneaks up on you throughout the class.”

Kate N.

Group Fitness Instructor, LA Fitness

Q: Would you recommend Body Works Plus Abs for all fitness levels?

KN: Most definitely! The beauty of Body Works Plus Abs is that we progress into each challenging exercise, which gives participants plenty of options to take it to their own personal best.

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Q: What equipment can a member expect to use when attending a class? Is there a specific dress code?

KN: We use lightweight dumbbells and an exercise mat. Simple and effective! Participants should wear comfortable fitness attire to move and sweat in.

Q:  If you could give one piece of advice to our readers, what would it be?

KN: Keep going to class! Consistency brings results!

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