Hoops and Heart

A shared love for fitness and basketball led to a mutual attraction between Lane and Susan C. Having met on the Clemson University basketball court back in college, their enjoyment of the sport influenced their decision to join LA Fitness, which offers Club Leagues basketball – a fun way for them to stay active together.

Where Their Journey Began 

Lane C.* joined LA Fitness in the fall of 2008, primarily to have a place to practice and play basketball. However, after being a member for a while, Lane started to utilize other amenities like the cardio and weight equipment, and the Pro Results® Personal Training program**. Since joining LA Fitness, Lane has lost 15 pounds and notices positive changes in his physical health now that he’s made fitness a part of his daily routine. Lane hopes to lose another 15-18 pounds and increase his cardio endurance, flexibility and agility.

His wife, Susan C., has been playing basketball since high school and used to work out with her fellow teammates at a local LA Fitness where she used to live in Marietta, GA. When she moved out to California years later, she continued working out at LA Fitness in order to maintain her workout routine and healthy lifestyle. Another huge draw for Susan was the Club Leagues basketball league. Lane was already involved in the league, so she decided to join too so that she could participate in league games with him.

“Always keep your fitness goal in mind. Even if it’s late on a Friday night, I ask myself if it means more for me to eat a bag of chips or be able to jump without added weight or inflammation come Monday afternoon. The benefits of fitness always outweigh the “cons” not only physically but also mentally. Plus, there are plenty of good alternatives to things we enjoy which, in some cases, I’ve come to enjoy just as much if not more. Stay focused.”

Lane C. 

The Group League Experience 

Lane and Susan shared that their involvement in the league has led to many close friendships over the years. Susan notes that her experience in Club Leagues basketball “creates a comradery and a social circle in and of itself, and that has been an added bonus.” Lane added that “it gives [them] the opportunity to play in a competitive, well-organized format which [they] enjoy.” He went on to add, “One of the highlights of my day is getting off work and meeting her at the gym for a ‘shoot-around’ warmup and workout.”

Aside from basketball, Susan enjoys the Group Fitness cycle classes** that are included with LA Fitness memberships. She explained to me that cycling helps her with her endurance and helps build and maintain her leg muscles, which helps her stay strong and avoid injury on the basketball court. Susan hopes to tone up her muscles and maintain her cardio and endurance levels so she’s always ready  should a spontaneous game of basketball arise. Her main goal is to find a routine of cardio, strength and circuit exercises that she could realistically commit to with her busy work schedule.

When asked what piece of fitness advice she could give to others, Susan shared:

“Not to get discouraged if you get off track. There are always going to be things that get in the way (vacations, crazy work hours, family time, etc.), and if I get off track one week or two, I oftentimes struggle with wanting to check out mentally because I feel like I have lost my momentum or progress. That can snowball into a longer period of time if you don’t catch yourself. The truth is, a day or two, or even a week or two will not derail your goals, and the quicker you get back on track the better you will feel. Try to fight the negative thinking the best you can and just get back into your routine the next chance you get so you don’t find yourself with regret because you waited too long.”

Lane C., Susan C., and team, from their winning basketball championship game. June 2014.

Sweet Inspiration

We asked Susan and Lane to share with us something that inspires them about the other, and this is what they had to say:

I’m always inspired by Lane’s commitment to playing basketball and/or working out several times a week, no matter how busy he is. For him, it’s a given that he will find a way to work it into his schedule. I’m also inspired by his ability to connect and get along with so many different people. He is a staple at the LA Fitness basketball courts and has the respect of a lot of the regulars there and other nearby LA Fitness gyms, so I’m always proud to tell someone that he is my husband. Basketball is a competitive sport and can get heated, but he always conducts himself in a way that makes me proud to tell people I’m his wife.  He also has never made me feel out of place for being the only girl out there. He embraces it and embraces me as his teammate and I love that – just like he and I do in our marriage.

Susan C.

I am constantly inspired by Susan’s work ethic and her ability to prioritize. Regardless of what life throws at her, she always gets the priorities accomplished. She also encourages me to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle. She played D1 college basketball and understands the benefits of fitness. Because of that, she inspires me to push harder than I might otherwise because she knows what’s on the other side of all that effort and sacrifice. I’m also very fortunate that my wife loves the game of basketball as much as me. We’ve been able to play together in a number of leagues together and make many mutual friends along the way. Additionally, she is one of the most genuine people I know, and that carries over to every aspect of her life whether it be fitness, work, basketball, etc. She genuinely cares about what is in the best interest of others, and I think that has a lot to do with the reason she is able to maintain at such a high level.  Selfishness drains a person of many things, but she’s one of the most selfless people I know.

Lane C.

No doubt, the basketball-loving duo will help each other stay on track and reach their own personal fitness goals.

*While the opinions herein are Lane and Susan’s own, Lane is an employee of LA Fitness and receives a free membership in connection with his employment.

**Classes and amenities vary by location and may be subject to an additional fee.

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