6 Reasons You Should Be Weight Training

Weight training has a plethora of well-documented benefits that range from improvements in your physical performance to your overall aesthetic appeal. However, despite the fact that weight training is such an instrumental tool for improving yourself in a wide variety of ways, many people still don’t follow a consistent weight training routine.

If you are not already weight training on a consistent basis, here are six reasons you should strongly consider beginning immediately:

1. Burn Additional Calories

Weight training allows you to apply additional resistance to your muscles and as a result, to build lean muscle. This is incredible news considering the more lean muscle mass you add to your body, the more calories you will burn, including when you are resting! By increasing your lean body mass through strength training, you can torch body fat exponentially better than with cardiovascular exercise alone.[i]

2. Gives You a Lean & Athletic Look

When you build lean muscle by means of weight training, you can help shape your body into that athletic look that so many people desire. The additional muscle mass improves your overall body composition, giving you a greater muscle-to-body fat ratio. Essentially, weight training can help you put on firm and complementary weight in the right areas and remove flabby and unflattering weight from the wrong areas.

3. Increases Bone Density

Your bones have the amazing ability to adapt based on the amount of physical stress you put on them. That’s why physically active people typically have greater bone mineral density than people who live a more sedentary lifestyle. While you can improve bone density through aerobic training as well, weight training has shown to be more efficient at it.[ii][iii]

4. Helps Prevent Injuries

Weight training can help decrease the likelihood of injuries by improving your balance and stability, which results in less everyday injuries. It has also shown to strengthen your tendons and ligaments, resulting in less sports-induced injuries.  Simply put, a body that is strong and well-trained is less likely to get injured.[iv]

5. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Approximately 29 percent of American’s have high blood pressure, and only about half of people with high blood pressure have their condition under control. Weight training is one of the several ways people with high blood pressure can proactively address and improve it.[v][vi]

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6. Provides a Mental Boost

In addition to the physical benefits of weight training, you can obtain several mental health benefits as well! Weight training can cause you to be more positive and increase your overall confidence levels. In addition, as little as one single session of weight training can reduce your everyday anxiety levels.[vii][viii]

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