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You know that summer is on its way because this weekend, on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 at 2 a.m., you need to “spring forward” your clocks. Sure, it’s only an hour, but doesn’t if feel more like “HOURS” of daylight that we are given back each day? It’s as if you are emerging from the depths of a dark and gloomy cave that you were trapped in for months…a cave called winter (insert your favorite evil voice here).

Apologies to those of you who love the wintertime, and by all means, leave a comment and share with us the things you love most about the dark and cold…we are open to changing our minds.

Until that happens…

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS…Only 105 days to get ready for summertime!

You might want to consider one of the following workouts to prepare:


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Here are some things to take into consideration as you adjust to the spring time change:

You lose an hour of sleep.

For you weekend warriors who keep our economy pumping, hospitals running and streets safe seven-days-a-week, losing an hour of sleep affects you the most since you will actually be working on Saturday and Sunday.  The rest of you will likely still feel a bit sluggish come Monday morning, so consider waking up with an invigorating workout and/or doubling up the strength of your morning cappuccino.

It feels like you are waking up earlier (because you are).

If you already have a tough time waking up in the morning, you might want to prepare to wake up an hour earlier incrementally over the next few days. Though your clock easily adjusts to the changing time, your mind and body take a few days to adapt.

*Children, Bed Time and Naps – You may find it beneficial to start bed time and nap times earlier, perhaps in increments, over the next couple of days to help young children adjust.

It’s dark in the mornings.

If you were waking up at the crack of dawn, well, it may feel like the middle of the night when you open your eyes on Monday morning and for the next few weeks that follow. This is because the extra hour of beautiful daylight added to our evenings means we sacrifice an hour of daylight in the morning. Thus, leaving you to stumble in the dark as you find your way over to the coffee maker and your morning shower. So proceed with caution in the morning.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities.

Get outside and have some fun!  You can once again cycle, run or go on a vigorous walk, all the while taking in that beautiful sunshine that is now available to you courtesy of the longer days! Of course your LA Fitness is still there to help you compliment your lifestyle!

Three letters…B-B-Q! 

Grab the grill and head out onto your patio or porch with your favorite meats, vegetables and seasonings. Your barbecue grill is the perfect tool for adding flavor, while avoiding high calorie add-ons like butter and oil. It is quite possibly the most enjoyable way to cook healthy food.

Arizona – Welcome back to Pacific Time! AZ, aka the rebels of Daylight Saving Time here in the contiguous 48 United States, doesn’t participate in Daylight Saving Time.  So most of this article doesn’t affect you, however, feel free to forward it to your family and friends who live out-of-state. Here is a short link to make it easier for you to share –

Hawaii – aka island paradise, also does not participate in Daylight Saving Time. Since Hawaii is located near Earth’s equator there is little deviation in the amount of daylight they have whether it is summer, spring, fall or winter. Just remember to add an hour to the time difference when visiting or calling your mainland friends and family. Aloha nui loa!

And…Don’t forget about your CLOCKS!


Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have all your clocks covered:

  • Car
  • Bedroom alarm clock
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • DVD and or VCR
  • Wrist watch (all of them if you have more than one)
  • Wall clocks
  • Phone (if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Computer or laptop (Again, if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Voicemail time stamps and answering machines
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Kid’s rooms and alarm clocks
  • HOTEL ALARM CLOCK – if you will be away for the weekend


Things to look forward to…


Evening Walks – There is something so relaxing about being able to take a walk outside in the evening air.

Daylight Work and School Commutes – No longer will it feel like you are driving home in the middle of the night for many of you.

Sunsets – Now that the sun sets later, you can enjoy watching the sky turn into mesmerizing shades of oranges, pinks and purples.

Sports – Pull out your cleats, bats, balls and rackets. The fun of playing sports outdoors is just about here.

Barbecues – Yay! Already mentioned earlier, but worth mentioning again.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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