Make this the best year yet and accomplish your 2015 New Year’s resolutions with a little help from the past! Before you jump in to the excitement of next year, take a look at this article as we review the “Top 5 Series” published in Living Healthy during 2014. You just might find something that could help you reach your goals in 2015.


5) How to Use Equipment

Living Healthy’s “101 Series” contains in-depth equipment articles that highlight how to use LA Fitness’ state-of-the-art gym equipment. From machines to free weights and cables to cardio equipment, this series teaches you how to safely use the equipment for all of your muscle groups no matter what your goal is.  Check it out, and make your next workout successful in the first step to shaping the body of your dreams!

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Also, here are three popular articles to get you started:


4) Holiday Hours

Time flies…and in the gym it keeps on running! As we sprint through various months and holidays, don’t forget to take a stretching break and return to Living Healthy for your club holiday hours. From Fourth of July to Labor Day to Thanksgiving, Living Healthy publishes each holiday’s schedule to keep you informed about club and Kids’ Klub hours!

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3) Ask our Dietitian

Gluten-free? …Low-carb? …Is sodium bad? It seems like new diet plans, fads, opinions and suggestions are served up daily, leaving you with a lot of questions. All of this conflicting information can be confusing, which is why we have a registered dietitian here to answer all of your questions! From knowing if you should eat before or after you go to the gym to understanding which dairy products are the healthiest, our dietitian answers your questions! That’s right, “Ask Our Dietitian” answers questions submitted by actual Living Healthy readers! Submit your questions today, and check out the wealth of answers given to other readers that can help you keep Living Healthy, too!

*To see some of our popular questions, check out our Ask our Dietitian archives or if you have a question, email it to


2) Get Ready for Summer

Enjoy life inside and out! As you work hard in the gym to get the results you desire, you are probably thinking about how you want to spend your leisure time each summer:  vacations, pool side parties, river rafting and barbecues. Not matter what, most of you are probably looking to shed winter’s layers of body fat as we shed layers of clothing for summer bathing suits and bikinis. That’s why Living Healthy’s 10 week workout routine to get you ready for this summer was such a big hit among readers!


1) The Ultimate Dedicated Workout Plan

Big Goals for 2015? Get moving! We have a thorough 90 Day Weight Loss plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Find the map to your success here and learn why it’s important to Move More to Burn More!


This year is all about YOU! We want to help you make it the best year yet and we have plenty in store to keep you motivated and in shape! Stay tuned! This is going to be an EPIC year!

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