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Phase 4 – Get Back to the Gym and Get Muscle Definition

You are nine weeks into your new routine! That is an amazing accomplishment, and proof that you are committed to healthier and fitter you for the long-term. That, my friend, is how you sustain results. Great job!

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…And results are something that you are probably both feeling and seeing at this point. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to see some real changes in your body, and you have surpassed that. You are likely feeling more energized, stronger, less sore after your workouts and may have noticed physical changes in your appearance. Maybe you lost some weight, can see more muscle definition or notice that your clothes are fitting more loosely? All good things, and there is more success to come!

Let’s get to it, so you can get back into the gym and start doing Phase 4 for the next three weeks.


Phase 4 – 30 Minute Workouts

You will alternate between TWO different 30 minute workouts, 3 to 5 times each week, for the next three weeks.

For the most part, your program is the same, but we will add DROP SETS in Workout 1 and a lower rep range for ALL of your resistance/weight training.

Also, make sure that you change the TYPE of cardio and/or cardio machine you are using for your intervals over the next three weeks.

Workout 1 – 20 Minutes of Cardio Intervals.* 10 Minutes of Weight Training. Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps double DROP SET Circuit**.

Workout 2 – 10 Minutes of Cardio Intervals.* 20 Minutes of Weight Training. Chest, Back and Legs circuit with Super Sets***.

*Cardio interval training can be done on any cardio machine. For more on how to do Cardio Intervals Follow the link to our previous article:

Interval Training 101 – Lose Weight, Get Ripped, GET RESULTS!

**For more on how to do Drop-Sets, follow the link to our previous article:

Break Through Weight Training Plateaus with Drop Sets

***Super Sets are performed by doing one stable exercise on a muscle group, immediately followed by a less stable exercise, with less resistance, on the same muscle group. Example: Leg press machine, followed by a barbell Squat.

Workout 1 Example

20 Minute Cardio Intervals

10 Minute Weight Training Circuit – Biceps, Shoulders and Triceps DROP SETS.

Go from one muscle group/exercise to the next without resting. First a set of Biceps followed by a DROP SET, then shoulders followed by a DROP SET,  then Triceps followed by a DROP SET, repeat (x2).

Do the ENTIRE circuit 2 times in row (should take approx. 10 minutes to complete).

  • Biceps Dumbbells Curl – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • DROP SET – 6 to 10 Reps.
  • Shoulders Lateral Fly Machine – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • DROP SET – 6 to 10 Reps.
  • Triceps Cable Pushdown – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • DROP SET – 6 to 10 Reps.

Workout 2 Example

10 Minute Cardio Intervals

20 Minute Weight Training Circuit with Super Sets – Chest, Back and Legs.

Go from your stable exercise to the super set (less stable/lower weight) exercise, then to the next muscle group without resting (see example below). First, do a set of Chest, then Super Set Chest, then Back followed by a Super Set for Back, then Legs with a Super Set on Legs. Repeat (x3).

Do the ENTIRE circuit 3 times in row (should take approx. 20 minutes to complete).

  • Chest Fly Machine – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • Dumbbells Incline Press – 6 to 10 Reps.
  • Back Lat Pull-down – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • Reverse Dumbbells Fly – 6 to 10 Reps.
  • Legs Curl Machine – 8 to 12 Reps.
    • Barbell Squat – 6 to 10 Reps.

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