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Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises can make your body leaner and explosive; all while adding to your athletic ability! This is because plyometric exercises use a variety of dynamic movements, across multiple planes, using multiple muscle groups.

If plyometric exercises don’t sound like your cup of tea, but you still want to add medicine ball workouts to your program, we’ve got you covered! Our entire Medicine Ball 101 series has been offering up different ways to use medicine balls for every type of fitness goal, so there’s an article for everyone no matter where you are at in your fitness journey. Just click on any of the article links below.

Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Single Muscle Group Exercises

Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Multi-Movement Exercises

Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Core Exercises

If you are currently trying to become a faster, better, stronger athlete, and you want to develop more powerful and explosive muscles; or if you simply want to add variety to your current routine, get leaner and challenge your body, then give these plyometric medicine ball exercises a try!

Med Ball Jump to Toss Up

Muscle groups trained

Hamstrings, Glutes, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Triceps, Core

Squat down and lower the medicine ball to your chest. Jump up as you press the medicine ball overhead and toss it into the air when you reach the top of the motion. Catch the medicine ball with your arms extended out and repeat the same movement without pausing.

Scissor Lunge with Mid-Air Switch

Muscle groups trained

Quadriceps, Shoulders, Glutes, Core


Begin in a lunge position with the medicine ball resting on your front knee. Simultaneously jump, and bring your front leg backward and your back leg forward while lifting the ball over your head, and then back down to your front knee. Repeat, alternating legs each time.

Single Legged Lateral Jump with Med Ball

Muscle groups trained

Calves, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Core


Start with your feet shoulder’s width apart and with the medicine ball in both hands extended out in front of your chest. Jump off of your left foot, and to your right side while raising the medicine ball into the air. Land on your right foot while keeping your left foot in the air. Then, jump off of your right foot and land on your left foot with your right foot still in the air. Continue to jump from side-to-side on one leg at a time.

Arch Chop with Knee Raise

Muscle groups trained

Shoulders, Hamstrings, Core

With your feet shoulder width apart, start this exercise holding the ball on top of your left foot. Raise the medicine ball up to the side and up over your head in the shape of an arch. Raise your left knee when your arms are at the top of the arch and bring the ball back around to your left foot. Repeat the same movement in the opposite direction.

Sit-Up with Forward Throw to Partner

Muscle groups trained

Abs, Core, Shoulders, Triceps

With a partner lined up about five feet in front of you get into sit-up position with your feet facing each other. Perform a sit-up while throwing the medicine ball overhead to your partner. Control the momentum of the ball as you catch it. Throw it back.

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