Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Multi-Movement Exercises

It’s impossible to miss them. You know, medicine balls, those bright colored balls with numbers on them. Though you have seen them in the gym for as long as you can remember, you’re not quite sure what to do with them, or how to use them, rather.

It’s time you learned, because medicine ball exercises offer an opportunity to incorporate a wide range of movements and muscle groups into one exercise. This way you can train and tone your entire body in a single workout! And, since you are using more muscles, you can burn more calories, too!

Use the following multi-movement exercises to increase your muscle definition and burn more calories.

Lunge with Arm Extension and Rotation

Muscles trained – Legs and obliques.

Top Tip – Be sure to extend the medicine ball out over the leg you are lunging forward with.

Med Ball Squat with Overhead Toss

Muscles trained – Shoulders, arms and chest.

Top Tip – As you are coming up out of the squat position explode up into the overhead toss so that the exercise becomes one fluid motion.

Wood Chop with Squat

Muscles trained – Core, upper body and lower body.

Top Tip – Control the momentum created by the medicine balls weight and pause for a split second at the bottom of your squat.

Medicine Ball Butt Lift

Muscles trained – Lower body and core.

Top Tips – Position your feet so that you will be able to hold this exercise throughout the entire movement without the medicine ball rolling forward.

Weighted Superman

Muscles trained – Lower back and shoulders.

Top Tip – When you reach the top of the extension in this exercise, hold that position for 5 seconds.

Kneeling Wood Chop

Muscles trained – Upper body and core.

Top Tip – Control the momentum created by the medicine ball’s weight.

Side Lunge with Med Ball Shoulder Raise

Muscle groups trained – Shoulders and legs.

Top Tip – Perform the shoulder raise and the side lunge as one fluid motion and alternate between left and right side lunges.

Guess what? There are plenty more exercises that can be performed with medicine balls! Once you’ve added these multi-movement medicine ball exercises to your routine check back for more exercises from our Medicine Ball 101 series! Make sure you don’t miss it and subscribe to get updates from LIVING HEALTHY here:



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