9 weeks to summer workout 1 (1)

Summertime is just 9 weeks away! Are you ready?

If you need a little help tightening and toning your body just a bit more so that you’re turning heads as you walk along the beach or poolside this summer, then look no further.

You just need to set aside 30 minutes, 3 days each week!

Of course you can always add more days and add more results! #MoveMoreBurnMore

The 9 Weeks to Summer Workout program is going to help you shed those extra layers that are still lingering from winter so you look your best in your swimsuit come June 21st.

In order to lean out and tone your soft spots, you are going to have turn the intensity up and really focus on moving to burn calories and fat. #MoveMoreBurnMore

This means that the focus of your summer prep program is CARDIO, complimented by a zero rest resistance training program to tighten and define your muscles.

This workout will be divided into three parts over the course of the next nine weeks. Changing your workout every three weeks will help to keep your body from adapting to specific movements. This will result in more calories burned during your workouts, and you progressing toward your summertime beach body goal.

Workout #1 (Weeks 1-3)

10 Minutes Cardio, 10 Minutes Weight Training, 10 Minutes Cardio = 30 Minutes TOTAL.


off and running at la fitnessCARDIO – 10 minutes.


Treadmill – 10 minutes Interval Sprints – Alternate a sprint for 1 minute / then walk for 1 minute.


WEIGHT and RESISTANCE training – 10 minutes.

The following are NO REST DOUBLE DROP set circuits.

If you are unfamiliar with drop sets, please be sure to read this article first:

Break Through Weight Training Plateaus with Drop Sets

(Alternate your weight and resistance training between the following two routines)

Do each routine continuously for 10 minutes.

Repetitions (or Reps) for each SET and each DROP SET should be between 6-10.


Weight Routine 1:

  • Biceps Exercise (dumbbells, free weights or machine) / Drop Set.
  • Chest Exercise (dumbbells, free weights or machine) / Drop Set.
  • Leg Exercise (dumbbells, free-weights or machine) / Drop Set.
  • Shoulder Exercise (dumbbells, free weights or machine) / Drop Set.


*Example 1:

Bicep 15 lbs. Dumbbell Curl (7 reps), then DROP SET to 10 lbs. Dumbbell Curl (6 reps).

Chest Press Machine 40 lbs. (10 reps), then DROP SET to 30 lbs. Press (8 reps).

Barbell Squat 40 lbs. (9 reps), then DROP SET to 30 lbs. Squat (6 reps).

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 10 lbs. (6 reps), then DROP SET to 5 lbs. Shoulder Press (10 reps).


Weight Routine 2:

  •  Ab Exercise – 1 minute
  • Triceps Exercise – (dumbbells, free weights or machine) / Drop Set.
  • Ab Exercise – 1 minute
  • Back Exercise – (dumbbells, free weights or machine) / Drop Set.


*Example 2:

Ab Bicycle – 1 minute.

Triceps Cable Push-Down 30 lbs. (7 reps), then DROP SET to 20 lbs. Push-Down (6 reps).

Ab Crunch – 1 minute.

Lat Pull-Down 60 lbs. (10 reps), then DROP SET to 40 lbs. Pull-Down (8 reps).



Remember, you are simply doing the entire resistance/weight training routine for 10 MINUTES; DO NOT BE CONCERNED WITH THE NUMBER OF “SETS” YOU ACTUALLY COMPLETE.


9 weeks to summer workout 1 (7)CARDIO – 10 minutes.

Stairmaster or Stepmill – 10 Minutes.

Manual Level at a Moderate/High intensity. (You should be sweating and breathing hard, but still able to speak if you wanted/needed to do so).


Now get in the gym and get going! You will be glad you did because summertime will be here before you know it.

Come back in three weeks for Part 2 of Living Healthy’s 9 Week Program to Get Lean for Summer!


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*These Examples are only intended to create greater understanding of the circuit and workout. It is important to take into consideration your personal level of fitness and strength with determining the amount of weight and resistance that you use. Also, notice that the “reps” simply fall into the range of “6-10 reps,” and that the number of “reps” should correlate to your level of fatigue.

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