Creating a summer six-pack isn’t just about the exercises you perform; it’s also about the lifestyle choices you make each and every day.

After integrating the Sizzling Summer Six-Pack Exercises from our last article into your fitness routine, you’ll probably want some equally sizzling six-pack lifestyle tips to complement your hard work in the gym.

Combine these hot TOP TIPS with our Sizzling Summer Six-Pack Exercises for the ultimate summer abs you have always wanted!

sizzling-six-pack-tips-cardioKeep up on Cardio

Forming a consistent cardio routine is one of the best ways to burn calories and shred belly fat. While the exercises from our Sizzling Summer Six-Pack Exercises article will definitely help you define and strengthen your abs, cardio is going to make your hard work truly show by eliminating excess body fat.

“The key is to lose fat so you can expose those abs,” said Mark Barriere, M.S.H.E. & NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist. Core and abdominal exercises will assist in strengthening your abs, but without losing that fat layer you won’t be seeing any abs at all.

”One of the most efficient ways to lose fat, aside from eating correctly, is performing cardio exercise. This could be swimming, running, cycling or even fast-paced walking. Choose something you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle. Consistency and patience is the key.”

Wait, there is more good news! Since it’s summertime you will have plenty of options available to help you create an enjoyable cardio routine. Here are a couple of options for you to consider.

Exercise Your Options Indoor & Outdoor

What a nice day cardio

If it’s a nice day out, take a scenic run and catch some UV rays to help you get that summertime tan. You could even run to your nearest LA Fitness to combine your cardio routine with our Sizzling Summer Six-Pack Exercises!

Too hot to handle cardio

When the weather gets too hot to handle it can be taxing on your body to perform even the most basic type of physical activity. When those extremely hot days kick in its safest to head to the nearby LA Fitness and enjoy an air-conditioned cardio session or even cool off by doing laps in the pool.

Also, even though you are performing your cardio inside it’s still important to stay hydrated throughout your workout!

sizzling-six-pack-tips-h20Say Hello to H2O!

Stay hydrated in the heat! If you’re going to be running outside be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after. It’s also important not to wait until you are thirsty to hydrate yourself since that is a sign you have already become dehydrated.[i]

Drinking plenty of water also helps your digestion, and as a result, your appearance.

“It’s imperative that you get enough water if you want a flat stomach,” said registered dietitian Debbie J., MS, RD.  “It improves digestion and restores sodium balance, thus preventing gas, bloating and constipation.  Plus water can replace other calorie-laden beverage choices, helping to cut caloric intake.”

Nothing will hinder your summertime fun more than becoming dehydrated. It weakens your immune system and NOTHING is worse than a summer cold. In fact, exercising while dehydrated can even hinder how quickly you recover from strength training.[ii]

Water also helps increase satiety which will in turn prevent you from overeating and ruining your sizzling six-pack. It’s not just about overeating though; you have to eat to maintain and gain strength. It’s also about…NUTRITION.

sizzling-six-pack-tips-nutritionConsistent Nutrition

You’ve probably heard the old fitness cliché “abs are made in the kitchen” at some point. This is true in a sense, because what you eat plays a major role in revealing your ab muscles.

Keeping your body fat percentage down and revealing those mid-section muscles will depend a whole lot on your ability to maintain a balanced and nutritional diet.

A rule of thumb is to think FRESH and CRISP when it comes to your diet this summer, and there’s nothing FRESH about FRIED FATTY FOODS.  Avoid foods containing trans & saturated fats as well as foods that are high in refined and added sugars (such as high fructose corn syrup) to keep your plate fresh and your stomach lean.

sizzling-six-pack-tips--postureDon’t be a Slouch!

You probably heard it plenty of times growing up, but Grandma actually had a very valid point.

Keeping your shoulders back and your spine and shoulders in proper alignment not only helps you look proper, it is good for your core, too.  One of the best things you can do for your core and abs is to maintain good posture. Consistently remind yourself to tighten your stomach and keep your shoulders back throughout the day. After all, what you do outside of the gym is just as important as what you do inside of it.

Developing a sizzling six-pack is one of the highest fitness achievements anyone can accomplish and with the combination of our Sizzling Summer Six-Pack Exercises and these sizzling TOP TIPS you’ll be able to count yourself amongst the few to truly sizzle when you get into a bathing suit this summer.



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